Condition Guide

Our grading is based on the system used by the Independent Online Booksellers Association. Overall book condition is noted on the last line of the specifications followed by specific characteristics described in more detail. If you are unsure about any condition notes, please do not hesitate to email for clarification. We want to insure your satisfaction and will gladly send you additional images to help you make purchasing decisions.


As New:
A book in pristine condition that is structurally perfect without faults such as smudges, scuffs, tears, marks, stamps, or bent pages.

A book that approaches As New, but without being crisp. It has no real defects or faults. It may have one or more minor flaws or show very slight wear from having been carefully read and shelved.

Very Good:
A book that shows small signs of wear but its condition is above that of an average used book. Any stains, marks, small tears, and creasing will be noted.

The average well-used book. It is totally complete and intact but showing its age and therefore not of sufficient quality for a collection. All defects will be noted.

A book with complete text pages that seen hard use and—unless rare—has value only as a reading copy. The binding and dust jacket may show significant signs of wear and the book may have damaged or missing endpapers, stains, or spotting. All defects will be noted.

A book with obvious damage that is worn to the degree that its only merit is the complete text. It may be soiled, scuffed, stained, or spotted and have loose joints, hinges, or torn pages. All defects will be noted.










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